Saturday, March 12, 2011

What If?

I've been told that thinking "what if" is a doubtful thing to do.  When people ask those two little words, it makes them think about what we haven't been given and doubt what we do have for something else.  I'm not sure how I feel about what I've been told, but I'm willing to explore it to a certain degree.  I believe God has a plan for me...that He'll share it with me if I ask and am willing to listen.  So, let me dare and ask, "What If?".  
I've seen posts for weekends on other bloggers' sites and they allow one to daydream...I want to take that fun idea and run with it.  I'll be trying to do this on the weekends because most people have more time to look at pictures on Google, right?  Anyways, daydream...pray...think...what if you did, where would it take you?
*apparently I think highly of myself as I've said "I've" a lot in this post.  Forgive me.  
To save up for a sewing machine just like this one

To get a foot stool like this...for cheap

To binge on delicious hot chocolate

To makeover my bedroom in shabby-chic
To find a handmade quilt to cuddle up in


  1. Better yet...make a handmade quilt with your fancy sewing machine.

  2. You can always find old doors at garage sales or antique shops for a new headboard! And lamps at goodwill, just make your own new shade!

  3. what if i actually did everything i always say i want to do? thats the question