Saturday, April 9, 2011

Walk This Way

I believe this post is going to be one of random thoughts.  
1) No one has really commented on my cooking funk post, therefore I am still in this funk.  Instead of cooking, I have been eating Buffalo Chicken Salads from North Bev like there is no tomorrow.  
2) I love my husband
3) I love my baby lady
4) Went into Boston today.  It was the first time in like 6 months...WOW I missed it and I had realized I had forgotten how much you walk when you're there.
5) I've had a blast with my sisters here this weekend.  I'm very sad to see them leave tomorrow.  I sure love them.
6) My favorite number was "6" when I was younger.
7) Sunday is the first day of the week, but in my mind I will always think of it as the 7th day of the week.
8) I "8" tacos today
9) Okay, this post is getting crazy so I'm outta here.  

Yes, I went here today.  Chocolate Mousse cannolis are the best ever!

hubby and baby lady
p.s help me get out of my cooking funk


  1. Sounds like a blast - especially having 8 tacos! or is that what you call the choc moosees ?

    I had some Meyer Lemons I had to cook today - spent an hour making lemon granita and then had whipping cream left over so made carmel creme custards, then had egg white left over and tossed them with more eggs, milk, mexican cheese, spices and some leftover cooked brocolli rabe and made a crustless quiche - actually Ken called it Dr. Seuss quiche because the rabe blended so fine it was GREEN EGGS and HAM!

    Your turn!


    i like baked goods...